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About Us

Case Auto Parts has been in the business of automotive recycling, providing affordable, quality parts for 65 years. We are also dedicated in helping to keep our planet greener by offering gently used auto parts for reuse. We have sold, delivered, and shipped thousands of parts to businesses and individuals so that they may have reliable transportation for business and personal use. Our mission is to provide remarkable customer service experience to ensure our customers do not have to worry about the quality and service of their parts, and that they find that their purchase works efficiently and dependably: day after day, year after year.

We take great pride in offering the most affordable and quality used parts on the market. We are especially proud of our highly skilled team of sales experts and support personnel that represent our business, each and every day. We are honored to serve the needs of the businesses and families of the greater Marion/Florence and surrounding areas for 65 years.

Our History

Case Auto Parts was founded in 1955 by, Caleb G. Case Sr.,  who began the company by purchasing salvage cars and sold parts as inventory to the general public.  He later added a repair and installation center to the business that allowed customers to purchase parts from him and he would do the work on their cars.

He handled sales, installation and servicing himself, and later that year hired another person to keep up with the increasing demand. The company’s reputation for excellence in product knowledge and service was quickly recognized by businesses and individuals in Marion, SC. and it quickly became the market leader in sales.

The company continued to expand by the mid 70’s Don R. Case Sr, son of Caleb G. Case Sr begin working in the business along with several other new hires.  The business was in position for new growth and direction as the elder Case interests shifted to the logging industry in the early 80’s.  Caleb G. Case Sr., placed his attention on the logging portion of the business and Don R. Case Sr., focus became the used parts and recycling portion of the business.  In 1985, Caleb G. Case Sr., transitioned Case Used Parts to Don R. Case Sr., and all aspects of the business became his. Case Auto Parts began a new journey with Don Case at the helm.

 In 1987, Don R. Case Sr., incorporated the company as Case Used Parts, Inc and started Case Used Cars, LLC.  The company’s operations are segregated into two distinct divisions; (1) Used Parts, and (2) Used Cars.   The used parts division handled all the sales of used parts and recycling of automotive parts.  And, the used cars division became the purchasing arm of the business buying all the cars that was used for inventory in Case Used Parts and the purchase of all cars to be sold by Case Used Cars.  Don R. Case Sr., became known as the Honda man, because his focus was totally on buy and selling Honda car parts.  With that focus Case became known for having the parts other yards did not have in stock.  Creating a brand “if Case don’t have it they will always get it”, building a reputation for always having the parts you need.  The business now has transferred to the third generation of Case as the sons of Don Case Sr., are now succeeding their father in the business. Currently the company employs twenty-one people from sales, motor/transmission pullers, small parts pullers, heavy equipment operators and office staff.

The company operates out of a 2,500 square foot office building on 78 acres of land located on the Marion side of the Greater Pee Dee River Bridge. Also, another 12 acres of land with over 2500 cars in Florence, SC.